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Juniors Fixtures

Fixtures 2011/12

If you require more specific details about a team's fixtures, please select the team from the list on the left.

Midweek Training Sessions

Under 14's/15's/16's - Tuesday 6.00pm

Under 11's/12's - Wednesday 6.00pm

Under 9's/10's - Wednesday 6.00pm

Under 7's/8's - Wednesday 6.00pm


Small Club Dispensation.

For the 2011/12 Season we will be fielding mixed agegroup teams at U14/15, or U15/16.

Appropriate approval has been given by the governing bodies to enable us to do this.

If you have any queries about this, please do not hesitate to contact us. Email from here.


Josie Madden
Junior Chair
West Leeds RUFC Juniors

This Season's Fixtures will be organied on a weekly basis.

Please contact Dianne Smith if you wish to organise a fixture 

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