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28/04/2010 - Seal of Approval Presentation

As the April Rugby Feast continued, West Leeds were invited to Leeds Carnegie Stadium to have their Whole Club Seal of Approval award presented at half time during the Leeds/Worcester Match.

This award marked the culmination of over 2 years hard work by the commitees within the club, and especially Karen Breakwell and Josie Madden. By 2012 all clubs should have gained Seal of Approval to show that they are run professionally and responsibly. At the moment, less than 20 clubs in the country have achieved Whole Club Seal of Approval. That West Leeds have achieved this award so soon is a mark of the hard work and commitment that has been put into securing the future development of our club.

Thankfully the rain that persisted through the first half subsided, and the presentation could go ahead in the dry. Chairman, Barry Breakwell and Junior Chair, Josie Madden were presented the award by Leeds Carnegie's John Bentley and Leigh Hinton.

Whole Club Seal of Approval presented to Barry Breakwell and Josie Madden by John Bentley and Leigh Hinton

After a nailbiting finsh to the match that secured Leeds Carnegie's position in the Premiership, the West Leeds contingent retired to Bluehill Lane to celebrate an important win for Leeds Carnegie, but more importantly the hard work and dedication of the Volunteers at West Leeds RUFC.

Leeds Carnegie Report on the occasion Here.

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