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15/08/2010 - Cheap Beer for Members!!!!!!

New Membership Card System

As you are no doubt aware the Club is to introduce a new membership card system from 1 September 2010. This system is to encourage more members to pay their annual subscriptions and also allow members, as a mark of loyalty, to enjoy discounted products from the Bar once annual subscriptions are paid.

At the same time and in line with price increases implemented by our suppliers the price of bar products are to rise by 6%.

An example of tariffs after 1 September for a ‘family’ round of one pint of John Smiths, half a pint of Fosters, two cans of coke and two packets of crisps would be:

Price now £6.31
Price after 1 September £6.69
Price after 1 September to Members £5.89

A saving of 12%!

To enable us to manage the system effectively, with effect from 1 September, the following will be put in place:

Once a Member has paid their Subscriptions or committed to pay by way of Standing Order (only applies to Rugby Section) the member will be issued with their own unique membership card and membership number.

Please be aware that if you are a Rugby playing standing order member then non payment of a monthly payment will automatically mean that the card is cancelled.

Life Members will also be supplied with membership cards – please ask behind the Bar for your card.

This card will entitle the owner to the discounted loyalty tariffs.

The card should be displayed to the Bar Staff on every visit to the Bar. There will be no exceptions to this rule. If a member forgets to bring the card to the bar the normal tariffs will apply. Please respect our Stewardess and bar staff - they are only doing their job!!

Cards can only be used by the Member unless they have been issued as part of the Juniors ‘Family’ scheme (see Juniors Section for details). It is the intention to mark these cards with a ‘JF’.

Subscriptions can be paid to our Stewardess, Jinney Saunders, or to the other Section Subscription Secretaries (Rugby, Juniors & Football).

Lost or stolen cards can be replaced at a cost of £1.

Card misuse is taken seriously and could result in suspension of membership.

The Management Committee decision on any of these issues is final.

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