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Minis Teams

Mini Rugby at Under 6


They start off like this.

Under 6's aged between 3 and 5, Playing fun games on a Sunday morning. Nothing serious, but training them up, so that when they reach their 6th Birthday, they can play Tag Rugby matches with the Under 7's





Mini Rugby Under 8



 And move onto this,

At Under 7 and 8 they play Tag Rugby (No Tackling and minimal contact). This teaches them to run forwards with the ball, and also to handle well. Encouraging the kids to pass the ball instead of running sideways.




Mini Rugby Under 10's


 Eventually getting to this

By the time they're Under 9 and 10, they're looking like this. They're into full contact, with Tackling, Scrums and Line-Outs, Rucking and Mauling. It's a proper game of rugby, and they're starting to work as a team.

Playing rugby with West Leeds teaches kids about Friendship, Teamwork and Discipline.

Mini Rugby runs up to Under 12's. When the kids reach Under 13's, they move onto Junior Rugby, and start playing on the full pitch! More details of Junior Rugby Here.

New members always welcome, whatever age or ability.

For more information contact Josie Madden.

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