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23/11/2010 - West Leeds Presented SoA at Twickenham

Representatives from West Leeds met the RFU President, Richard Appleby in a pitch side presentation at half time in the England v's Samoa game.

Josie Madden (Junior Chair) and Tim Madden (Under7/8's Coach) went to Twickenham to be presented with the Whole Club Seal of Approval by RFU President, Richard Appleby

West Leeds were joined by three other clubs, Trojans, Bromsgrove and Marlborough,
from around the country that have also achieved Whole Club Seal of Approval status.

SoA Presented By RFU President


West Leeds are the first club in Central Yorkshire and only the second club in the whole of Yorkshire to be awarded the RFU’s prestigious Whole Club Seal of Approval. The award recognises the effort and achievement of volunteers in attaining the high standards needed in developing and sustaining rugby union in their clubs.

Introduced in 2009 and building on established
Seal of Approval awards for provision of youth rugby, the new accreditation requires clubs to provide evidence of good practice in areas including club management, player development and recruitment, child protection, sports equity, coaching and refereeing, as well as the recruitment and management of volunteers.


SoA Presentation

Josie Madden, commented: “It’s a great achievement for a club of our size to gain the Seal of Approval which demonstrates our commitment in providing and maintaining the best possible facility we can. Everyone is guaranteed a warm welcome, irrespective of age or playing ability.

“The club runs junior teams from Under 7s to Under 15s and we carry out training for children as young as three years-old, so there’s a real family spirit at the club.
We’re always striving to improve the club and move it forward and this award recognises all the hard work put in by all the volunteers at the club.”

Anyone interested in finding out more about West Leeds R.U.F.C should email here or
call 0113 2639869.

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